Bringing The Outside In

Pyramid of Arts sought to bring Holbeck to the Tetley Gallery in June 2016 as part of Beyond Festival. Artists Alison Andrews and Matthew Bellwood brought asked me to run workshops with the group over several weeks to build up a raft of work that reflected the group's journey around their Holbeck base.

Focusing on what could be heard, seen and felt at the different levels of earth, walls and sky the group produced work that the collaborators made into a installation at the Tetley. Sound artists created a soundscape of Holbeck and graffiti artist, Elliot Wigzell, worked with the group to add urban markings. My mobiles filled the space as 'sky' and moved gently as bodies walked around them. The group's faces, Holbeck landmarks and Tetley artefacts were sculpted in wire and resin-based clay. They all hung on the mobiles.