Grimm & Co. Apothecary to the Magical

I am a workshop leader for Grimm & Co. in Rotherham, Yorkshire. Grimm & Co. champions the writer in every child through child-led story telling and poetry workshops. Whether it's Grandma's Scabs or a Giant's Belly Button Cleaner, the apothecary sells all the essentials needed for goblins, pixies, boggarts and occasionally humans. Workshops can be experienced in school groups brought by teachers or out of school sessions, age 9-12.

Previous work

At Rotherham's Wonderfully Wizardly day out, Grimm & Co had a pop up tent for all beings - magical or not -to help create Mythical Modes of Transport for our Flyway Code. New potions and spells were conjured and wishes were popped in miniature envelopes for the fairies to carry with ease. 

My last out-of-school session was on Poetry & Place. We became Poetry Pirates, wrote clues about our favourite places in Rotherham and bottled them up with an accompanying map. 

As part of Make Believe: Imagining the Technology of the Future, myself and Lauren Ash were lead artists at a pop up writing den for families in Leeds Museum.                                              Leeds International Festival